On humility

  1. Reading A. Murray’s book on humility these days. By God’s providence, John H. wrote yesterday about Mary’s humility.

  2. Quote: “‘Behold, I thought,’ and ‘Behold, I ought,’ are not equivalents.” —Wayne Jackson, Acts, 328.

  3. Brother Wayne’s commentary is one of the most readable and enjoyable, besides being balanced and enlightening.

  4. It is instructive that when Jesus appears to Saul, he says that he will deliver him from “the people” Acts 26.17, referring to the Jews. They are no longer “my people.”

  5. Wonderful time of worship last night, in number, spirit, and truth. God multiply such moments.

  6. An original verse: “Who am I, O Lord, but a lowly worm? / What singular truth but yours can I affirm?

  7. A Bible verse: “For the payoff of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” Rom 6.23.

  • #4 shows you to be the astute scholar that you are and the reason I look forward to R’s Commonplace!

    • Hi, Kris! I’ve been blessed to catch a crumb now and again, and stumble over an interesting detail here and there.

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