Old disappointments

1. Mondays are good days, but the energy level sometimes drags.

2. A good group assembled last night, and the lesson on the first family (Adam and Eve, not the US prez and wife) was well received.

3. The logic that says since God is one, all paths lead to him, is deeply flawed. Better this: God is one, and the path to him is also one—in Jesus Christ.

4. Two Christmas parties this week, one Friday night at a restaurant, the other a big barbecue on Saturday. Does anybody fast for the holidays?

5. Ever get a hankering to watch an old Perry Mason show? Were you disappointed afterwards? Most old shows do.

6. An original verse: A wealth of options makes decisions hard, / To get the choices right there’s more to discard.

7. “The Lord of Heaven’s Armies will be exalted when he punishes, the holy God’s authority will be recognized when he judges” Isaiah 5.16.


    What say you?