Of One the Lord Has Made the Race

Brother McCaleb wrote, “Of one
The Lord has made the race”. He spent
Many a year in old Japan
To teach the Word — by faith he went.

He taught us to sing the Great Commission.
He planted in our hearts the seed
And showed the Sower’s far compassion;
In stormy times he took the lead.

To God it matters not the color
Of skin, but attitudes of the heart.
He’d be our Father, each man a brother,
He opens his house for all to take part.

Never I’ll be that pioneer
Like old McCaleb, but I can still
In every face see a soul that’s dear
To God, and speak his saving will.

All it takes is a single seed —
Midst all the noise, a steady voice —
To offer the Christ who fills our need
And to cause the angels to rejoice.


    What say you?