More mentions

  1. The Bible mentions reading Scripture in assemblies more than singing. Why don’t we give it more space than we do? I’ve been to congregations where no Scripture was read except for the preacher reading his text.

  2. I resumed having three readings each Sunday: one from the OT, one from the gospels, one from Acts-Rev. We started it in 2014, and I’d let it drop.

  3. Offer poems done this month in a chapbook or not? This is the poetry-writing month. So far, I’ve written every day.

  4. In SJCampos I’ve published congregational bulletins with four names. Then, yet another when we started the new congregation in Urbanova, which is understandable. Why the other four? Go figure.

  5. People come and go in your life, it’s the nature of things. They all leave their mark. But some may not want to keep receiving your stuff. I’m good with that.

  6. An original verse: Speak plainly, and plainly make your song as well, / So simple that a little child can tell, / We need to hear the truth, and be impressed / That Jesus, not yourself, knows all, and best.

  7. A Bible verse: “They will face a reckoning before Jesus Christ who stands ready to judge the living and the dead.” 1 Peter 4.5 NET.


    What say you?