Missus out of the house

  1. Got The Missus out of the house yesterday, toured a new avenue that opened up (Via Cambuí), went through a burger drive-through. Found a shop open, how I know not, and bought a few items.

  2. Trainer (Paulo) kept adding weights yesterday. Sore today, as if that were new.

  3. Found a nice little specialty bread store a bit of a ways down on the south side of town. Better price than the other I’ve gone to, and just as good.

  4. Grateful that God is good and patient and wise and caring and powerful and willing. “Yes, for me, for me he careth.”

  5. We had a late breakfast in the backyard in the pergola. Nice to eat and enjoy the greenery beyond our wall.

  6. An original verse: To him who gives all living things their food, / And me as well — to God who’d all include!

  7. A Bible verse: “Do you want to really live? Would you love to live a long, happy life?” Psalm 34.12 NET.


    What say you?