A lifetime without seeing a reward

Tremendous thought today from Ed M., based on Malachi 3.13. In his full page of meditations, he says,

The reluctant say that it is “futile” to serve Him. There is no “gain” in keeping His commands, Malachi 3:14,15. These people believe religion ought to pay big dividends now. It ought to bring great rewards immediately. The general feeling is that folks surely will not serve God for nothing, Job 1:9. In spite of that sentiment, the faithful may live a lifetime without seeing a reward, Hebrews 11:13.

Focus question: When it seems there’s no advantage to faith, what am I thinking?

  • He’s right. This has always been a problem with many people. The “cash value” part of pragmatic thought in the last 100 years hasn’t helped. “What have you done for me lately?” is pervasive in the world. Many people don’t understand that there ARE good reasons to obey God that have little to do with personal, temporary benefit. Many will not realize it until they get to judgment and eternity which is sad.

What say you?