Lessons yet to learn

  1. Many lessons remain yet to be learned. Jesus learned obedience on the cross, Heb 5.8. God give me time to complete my lesson.

  2. Two new hearers last night at the gym study. They learned about the establishment of the true church.

  3. Gotta get the book to the printer. Magazine finally delivered. Will probably have to redo the cover.

  4. Doug K. wrote today: “Micah gets a Levite to be a priest to the idol and declares that God will now prosper him because he has made a sad attempt at restoring his actions to God’s Word.”

  5. Day for quotes: “… it has not been made clear that it is not sin that humbles most, but grace, and that it is the soul, led through its sinfulness to be occupied with God in His wonderful glory as God, as Creator, and Redeemer, that will truly take the lowest place before Him.” —Andrew Murray

  6. An original verse: I know my children by their traits and ways, / And God, his church, which heeds his Word and obeys.

  7. A Bible verse: “And God will exalt you in due time, if you humble yourselves under his mighty hand” 1 Pet 5.6.


    What say you?