It’s not good!

As a young preacher, I remember having an elderly man in our congregation pass away and being asked to conduct the funeral. He was a widower who had no children and no family to speak of. In fact the closest thing to family he had was his full-time nurse. I remember visiting with her at the funeral home as we discussed the services and I’ll never forget her telling me about the moment this man died. She said that he had this real panicked look and she asked him “Are you ok?” And with fear in his eyes he said, “It’s not good!” And he died. You see, this man hadn’t been faithful to the Lord in many years and he died an unfaithful child of God and as he breathed his last breath the realization of judgment was upon him (cf. Hebrews 9:27; 2 Corinthians 5:10)

Randy Mathis



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