In This, The Darkest Era

by Randal Matheny

In this, the darkest era, we all
Are men of war in armor full;
None can flee the clash of battle,
None can stray, none can straggle.

From all sides the enemy rushes,
He holds back none of his forces;
Relentless hordes of hell sweep forward,
For one that falls, two swords are brandished.

His surge is keen from desperation:
Defeat descended at vict’ry’s cusp;
He rages in his final battle,
A window of violence soon to be shut.

For yet a while, but for a time,
We face his fury soon to be spent;
Already dawns a growing light,
To vanquish the Liar, a consuming flame.

Courage, then, and hold your ground,
With steel flashing and senses trained!
Give all your strength, by zeal possessed!
For soon will come your time of rest.


    What say you?