Imprecise meteorology

  1. Wife was up at 2 am, without waking me, to drag baseboards and flooring into the living room, after it started raining and broken tiles (from work on the roof) let water run in to the garage.

  2. I’d read it was supposed to be hot and dry until Sunday. Then Friday. The front came early. Can’t meteorology make some progress here?

  3. My social-media presence remains in a state of flux. Just when I think I’ve found the spot, something goes sour.

  4. God says he shows “special favor to” (lit., sees) those who tremble at (obey) his word, Isa 66.2. Reminds you of Jn 14.23, doesn’t it?

  5. Hollywood celebs got naked to encourage people to vote for Biden. Seems appropriate for them and for him.

  6. An original verse: What Jesus says for some is hard to accept, / So many leave, commandments go unkept.

  7. A Bible verse: “Then many of his disciples, when they heard these things, said, “This is a difficult saying! Who can understand it?” John 6.60 NET.


    What say you?