I’m shocked

(Note: This wasn’t actually meant for here, I was sending an email and the email-post address accidentally got included. But that’s OK, too. Maybe one of my two subscribers to this site will follow up. Updated 2019-07-31.)

TL;DR: Go here. Register. Follow me.

I like alternative social-media options. Thought to recommend a couple to some friends. As I waded into my extensive list, I can count on one hand, almost, the number who might by some stretch of the imagination be interested. You are one of the lucky ones. Don’t know what to make of this small number. Maybe it’s my small faith in my friends. You’ll tell me it’s because I’m the weird one. Probably right.

Mastodon is not my favorite software for open-source social media. But it is one of the easiest for users. It’s not one central site. People can install it themselves and run their own sites. I found one “dedicated to followers of Jesus Christ:” theres.life. The owner is some stripe of Protestant, I think. There are few people on it, but you can connect with anybody else on another instance of Mastodon, Pleroma, or other ActivityPub software. My account is here. The avatar photo is Max, my youngest grandchild.

I much prefer the Pleroma software, but you’ll find all sorts of garbage in it (more in Mastodon, actually). But that is social media in general, is it not? One must choose carefully who to follow, or connect with.

And, of course, there are other offerings: Aggos, Hubzilla/Zap, Seenthis.net, etc. But I’ll spare you any more options.

So come be weird with me. (Sounds like a poem, doesn’t it?)

  • Trying to get my blog started and you are the inspiration, I appreciate the info you have put out there regarding the different methods available.

What say you?