Holiday with rain

  1. Lots of rain. Leaked in my office last week, guy plugged openings, but is leaking again today, though not as badly. But it can’t leak at all.
  2. Carnaval holiday started Friday, so fewer people tonight at meeting. Dynamic was great, however.
  3. Wrote a poem this morning, but not one I’ll share online. Maybe when I publish the book of 2019 poems. If I publish.
  4. Got my Forthright editorial primed for in the morning. Not a bad one at all. (Link is to my author page.)
  5. Have started reading Wm. Barclay’s commentary on 1 John for devotional material. So far, so good.
  6. New verse of mine: With little shall this Christian be content; / For nothing in this world will I lament.
  7. Verse of His: “The Lord was pleased that Solomon made this request” 1Kgs 3.10.

    What say you?