Hanging by a thread

  1. Prayer requests added today to the post about the report video. If because of time you have to choose, go for the prayer.
  2. Wrote a poem this morning for the children, “Jesus Changes Everything.” To the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.”
  3. Bought a duffel bag to serve as a carry-on to take cousin Jackie’s painting, rather than risking putting in the luggage and losing or damaging it.
  4. Society seems to hang by a thread, and so much of our lives with it. Then recall the power of the Almighty God whose purpose cannot be frustrated.
  5. A week’s worth of posts on irmaos.org on the theme “propósitos.” With a bit of work, might turn out to be a 50-page book.
  6. An original couplet: Trek through the desert with shoes and robes preserved, / Your needs are met when God as Lord is served.
  7. A Bible verse: “You must pay attention to the exhortations of my servants the prophets. I have sent them to you over and over again. But you have not paid any attention to them” Jer 26.5.

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One of God's little ones living in Brazil since 1984. Main blog is a must-visit.

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