Google the Fickle

Google+ is one more in a long line of products that Google has killed off. I’m still miffed about Reader from six years ago. So I don’t trust the big guys like them.

Facebook either. I worked hard to make contacts there. Over 4,000. Then FB started limiting who could see my posts. Uh huh.

Oh, and Microsoft is shutting down its ebook store. Which means that people who “bought” ebooks there will lose them. Because they only bought the right to read, not the product itself.

I’m not the smartest person on the planet, or even in the room, but I started making my exit some time back from the big guys. That’s why I don’t do Google, Facebook or Twitter anymore. I might have an account there, but it’s remnant stuff, while I use alternative options or paid services, like my beloved Fastmail account, paid since 2002 (see referral).

There’s a spiritual lesson here somewhere. Be constant. Be fair. Be open and truthful. It’s not wrong to work and earn money, but don’t manipulate people to do it. And I want the people and companies I deal with to act the same toward me.


    What say you?