Get my new ebook

  1. My new ebook is out, be sure to get your copy. It’s a different approach. Called O Soul. Subtitle: The Book of Exhortations.

  2. On the Portuguese side, I’ve finished formatting a new book for the printer. A beginner’s introduction to the NT. Now to fine-tooth-comb it.

  3. If impact can become a verb (which I still dislike), I can turn fine-tooth comb into one as well. If not, why not?

  4. As I look for references from brethren in Portuguese on individual NT books, there’s still not a lot out there.

  5. Tomorrow, wall bookshelves to be installed in the living room. Maybe next week, the renovation will end. Maybe.

  6. An original verse: In Eternity we’ll see what worth / Had human works and words upon the earth.

  7. A Bible verse: “I will give you sincere thanks when I learn your just regulations.” Psalm 119.7 NET.


    What say you?