Gas station road maps

  1. Back in the day, gas stations gave away road maps. This surfaced from my files. 1981.

  2. Quote: “Some feel that they are too good and too kind to call out false teachers and false doctrine, but they are not too good and too kind to criticize their brethren who do so.” —F.B. Strygly

  3. Far and away the most popular prayer on the site is: “O Lord of Thrones.” Did I inadvertently catch the title of a video game?

  4. “God knows the secret plan / Of the things he will do for the world, / Using my hand. —Kagawa (?) (20th CC, Nov. 81).

  5. A couple of grandbaby pics from yesterday’s newsletter are rocking the world. Well, at least, grandparents.

  6. An original verse: Behind the scenes, corruption makes its mark; / Far from light, evil grows in the dark.

  7. A Bible verse: “He also said to them, ‘You neatly reject the commandment of God in order to set up your tradition'” Mark 7.9.


    What say you?