From emergency to red phase

  1. Governor today took us from “emergency” to “red” phase. Not much change. Still dictatorial.

  2. Supreme Court decided 9-2 that authorities can shut down religious meetings. Never mind the constitution. We’ll continue to meet.

  3. Snopes quotes a writer describing someone as “very minor Scottish poet.” I like that. Makes me feel hopeful to be called something similar.

  4. Grateful to have health, home, and work and able to enjoy all three.

  5. Question: What does “perfect peace” look like? Isaiah 26.3 ESV.

  6. An original verse: A very minor versifier am I, / Not worthy of “poet” — the poor man’s rye.

  7. A Bible verse: “He asked, ‘Why? What wrong has he done?’ But they shouted more insistently, ‘Crucify him!'” Matthew 27.23 NET.


    What say you?