Fine feeling to hold

  1. After the lockdown in March, 2020, our magazine went digital. I’m printing last year’s issues in one volume. It’s a very fine feeling to hold it in my hands.

  2. Don’t tell anybody, but I have plans to publish 12 books in Portuguese this year, Lord permitting. No little challenge.

  3. With book editing and writing and the magazine up to my ears lately, the gym has been neglected.

  4. Doing my devotional reading this year in the Versão fácil de ler. Interesting exercise.

  5. Going Sunday to a congregation in Mogi, about 50 minutes away, with Bruno. He’ll preach and I’ll teach the Bible study. We hope to encourage them. They’ve had hard times.

  6. An original verse: Not merely because he can, like evil minds, / But God would bless, for kind and glorious ends.

  7. A Bible verse: “Our God is in heaven. He does whatever he pleases.” Psalm 115.3 NET.


What say you?