False pursuits

Ed M. teaches us to quiet our souls before the universe’s unknowns, starting with Psalm 131.1.

Secrets belong to God. The wise learn to be content with what God has revealed. The “secret things” belong to His infinite mind, Deuteronomy 29:29. The psalmist “quieted” his soul, Psalms 131:2. He withdrew from false pursuits. He settled down to the truth he knew. He determined not to worry over matters he could not grasp. He let God be God, Job 36:26. We should concentrate our energy on what is known: what God asks us to be, where He wants us to go, what He wishes we would do. We should leave the rest to the Almighty.

Focus question: Are my spiritual questions about the Scriptures or about subjects they do not deal with? Why do we ask about what we cannot know?

  • Brother Ed wrote, “The wise learn to be content with what God has revealed.” This is a wise statement. Too often, people are not content with God’s word. They sleep during worship. They think about lunch. Their minds are hundreds of miles away from the word God wants them to hear. Tillet S. Teddlie wrote, “How are we using God’s golden moments? Shall we reap glory, or shall we reap tears?” The choice is ours. We can benefit from God’s word and share it with others, or “shall we reap tears?”

What say you?