Excited today

  1. Grateful today? I, for a blessed work experience, opportunity to write, comfortable home office wherein to do it all.

  2. What am I excited about today? A teenager returning to study the Bible after more than a month’s recess.

  3. Article title on a religious website: “What does it mean to leave and cleave?” My answer: It means you need to get an understandable Bible.

  4. Sometimes things works, sometimes they don’t. And often you think they are when they aren’t. That’s the stickler. But God is sovereign and still is working, Rom 8.28.

  5. In some brotherhood literature, a bio line of a brother said, “He writes extensively.” At first, I thought it said “excessively.” Was I thinking of self?

  6. An original verse: More blest to give, said Jesus, than receive; / More peaceful, too, than doubt, is to believe.

  7. A Bible verse: “Will you not revive us once more? Then your people will rejoice in you!” Psa 85.6.


    What say you?