State of emergency for 6 months?

  1. How can a mayor declare a 6-month state of emergency? Power on the brain. Or fear of appearing weak or ineffective, maybe.

  2. In every circumstance, our faith is tried and found sufficient and full.

  3. I’ve lived long enough that I’ve seen this movie before. Panic, money and power, forgotten crisis.

  4. Another magazine printed. Already moved on to the next issue.

  5. Any readers out there? Some strange virus must have killed them all off. Spread by the web.

  6. An original verse: The thought becomes a word which moves the hand, / But only God can do exactly as planned.

  7. A Bible verse: “The Lord is near the brokenhearted; he delivers those who are discouraged” Psalm 34.18 NET.

  • Love today’s Commonplace! As an old contractor I remember a saying we used to have that people don’t understate or choose to ignore: Where there is chaos, there is cash!

What say you?