Dare we?

  1. This past week was busy: final tweaks on book, magazine issue near finishing, course on Wednesday, study on Thursday, studies with Sidney, Pedro, and Paulo (twice), birthday party for Davi Saturday.

  2. Dispersed work lately on update to Cristianismo original, Total Transformation (but for Monday FMag editorial), the book about leading in worship, and Vícios, the bad habits book.

  3. If all Christians talked to all people all the time about all God has done, the Great Commission would be a cinch.

  4. Hold this thought: God deals faithfully with the faithful. See 2 Sam 22.26.

  5. If Jesus dared not do anything on his own authority, Jn 5.30, dare we?

  6. An original verse: Jesus never acted on his own, / Nor did he do the Father’s will alone.

  7. A Bible verse: “Your statutes have been my songs in the house where I live” Psalm 119.54.


    What say you?