Cursory glance

  1. A cursory glance at Scripture reveals that today’s so-called Christians don’t follow what Jesus said. They don’t give the same answers about salvation or about the church.

  2. My files contain some historical stuff. I wish there were some type of archive for it. But there’s not. The Lord knows the history of his people.

  3. Time to stop treating anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD with a medical model, and with antidepressants? These researchers have an uphill battle. I wish them luck.

  4. Energy for online classes and video is running down. Much prefer writing.

  5. I love maps. Have not a few of them in files. Sorry to see them go. And the atlas?

  6. An original verse: You’ve always been my God, from my mother’s womb, / Will be my God in life beyond the tomb.

  7. A Bible verse: “I have been dependent on you since birth; from the time I came out of my mother’s womb you have been my God” Psalm 22.10 NET.


    What say you?