Crime of the century

A crime has been committed, already, in the new century. (I count 2020 as the beginning, so there.) It is too early to consider it the crime of the century, since much evil can happen in the next 99 years and 11 months.

Since the beginning of 2020, only one — yes, a single — post has been made to this fine website. Things must change. Now. So read this.

  1. Two brothers spent two hours here talking about an evangelistic effort in their congregation, looking for ideas and, methinks, reassurance, since they’ve never planned anything like this.
  2. Teacher of class of non-Christians who invited me to teach in Recife emailed me and said his students “loved my words.” Good to know, especially since it was impromptu.
  3. Started a series called “The Bible’s Best Advice.” Started, of course, with Christ. Hard to choose, but I went with John 6.27.
  4. Have you heard that the theme for this year is “The Year of God”? Last year’s was “The Year of Glory.”
  5. No theme verse yet for the year. Time to get moving on that, is it not?
  6. An original verse: The deepest darkness God reveals, / The gravest hurt he also feels.
  7. A Bible verse: “Listen, you deaf ones! Take notice, you blind ones!” Isaiah 42.18 NET.

    What say you?