Copies from 1962

  1. Alvin Jennings sent me copies of his daily devotional pub, The Star, from 1962, with members of the São Paulo mission team writing about authority. Pretty cool.

  2. This material will be published in our Brazilian magazine, first time in Portuguese, AFAIK. Doubly cool.

  3. Ant sting woke me up at 4 am. Probably a big beast. It really, really hurt. Was over an hour getting back to sleep.

  4. Thankful for the ability to devote so many hours a day to writing, editing, and publishing. Lots of things that make it possible, one being a good wife.

  5. All sorts of things will happen to keep you from God. Will you permit it?

  6. An original verse: If the money weren’t mine already, / A government check might make me feel heady.

  7. A Bible verse: “A good person obtains favor from the Lord, but the Lord condemns a person with wicked schemes.” Proverbs 12.2 NET.


    What say you?