1. A quote: “We will never have the kind of church we need until the people of God become so conversant with the word of God that divine thoughts captivate and control our lives.” —B. Mouton, Words are windows, p. 211.

  2. Distance often provides perspective. Coupled with disadvantageous circumstances, it can offer needed criticism. But such is seldom welcome.

  3. “Keep your nose to the grindstone,” they used to say. Whatever the modern equivalent to that is (what’s your phrase?), we need to do it.

  4. What does hearing the word “no” mean to you? Some people will do anything to keep from hearing it. To the point of denying their faith.

  5. Sharing one’s opinions is a fool’s task, Proverbs 18.2. Remind me of that before opening mouth or publishing on social media.

  6. An original verse: So long are we with heaven’s blessings acquainted, / We feel entitled to them and take them for granted.

  7. A Bible verse: “I wait for your deliverance, O Lord” Genesis 49.18.


    What say you?