What concerns us most?

What concerns us most? If you look at church bulletins, it’s physical health. They’re chock full of notices of sicknesses, surgeries, and accidents. Where are the notices about spiritual weaknesses, failures to obey the Lord, prayers of repentance, confessions of weakness?

Why are we squeamish about spiritual needs?

Are we pretending to be a house of sinless saints, rather than a hospital for struggling people? Are we not missing something here? Are we failing to be honest about sin in our midst? Are we accommodating to a culture that refuses to acknowledge sin? Have we lost our mission of getting ourselves and others to heaven, so that sin is taken seriously and its influence duly dealt with?

It’s baffling.

  • I have often thought about this as I read through my congregations bulletin every week. There are millions of believers who are struggling with their own personal sin but feel they have no one to talk to that will not condemn them. I sometimes wonder if James 5:16 is not the most overlooked (on purpose) passage in the Bible?

    I have been checking out your blog for the past few weeks as I consider stating my own. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comment. This miniblog is tucked away where few see it. Today I was reading Prov 28, verses about confessing sin and rebuking others. Something I need to work on.

      God bless you as you consider your start-up!

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