Clutter a mental or spiritual problem

  1. Clutter is first a mental or spiritual problem, then a physical one. Mental, failure to focus. Spiritual, an attempt to serve both God and idols.

  2. You may reach a point of transition in your life and work, where you will either experience a significant breakthrough or sense it’s beginning to fall apart, all depending upon the direction of your inner life.

  3. A certain devotional book has little literary quality, but it’s solid as far as truth is concerned. Better that than style with wrong substance.

  4. He’s wondering if he ought to move out of the way, if he has anything left to offer, if his piggybank of wisdom isn’t bankrupt. What do I tell him?

  5. Blessed is the man who keeps his negative thoughts to himself, rather than weighing down those around him with complaint.

  6. An original verse: Oh! the danger of going out in public, / Where umbrage is taken, and every slight is published.

  7. A Bible verse: “They must not slander anyone, but be peaceable, gentle, showing complete courtesy to all people” Tt 3.2.


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