Where a church meets

Excellent article by H. Fulford, as usual, two quotes especially caught my eye:

That a church needs a place to meet is logically inferred (Hebrews 10:24-25), but where a church meets is a matter of judgment and expediency. There was a time when church buildings were simple, modest, and functional. In time, they tended to become large and ostentatious, appealing to the fleshly pride of the members.

Brother Hugh doesn’t mention the possibility of meeting in homes, which was what the early church did as a rule. Buildings tend to get bigger and fancier. Homes tend to multiply, when a place is outgrown.

If churches would put as much money into the teaching and preaching of the gospel in their local communities (including the training of their members to do such work) and ministering to the poor and needy (Galatians 2:10) as some of them put into physical facilities to cater to their fleshly appetites, we might just again see the church growing by leaps and bounds as it did in the first century and as it did in the early decades of the movement to restore original, apostolic Christianity.

What he said.


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