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Church character: gentleness


Character of the Church. The Lord wants His people to be “gentle,” I Thessalonians 2:6b,7, and “considerate,” James 3:17. Like His Son, we should not break a bruised reed, Matthew 12:20. Instead we are asked to “speak the truth in love,” Ephesians 4:15, to refrain from quarreling, to “be kind to everyone” and to “gently instruct those who oppose” us, II Timothy 2:24,25. —Ed Mathews

Good reminder in today's devotional!

Focus question: How do people react to the tone of my words? Does my non-verbal communication reinforce or undermine the verbal content?

2 thoughts on “Church character: gentleness

  1. John Henson

    Bro. Bobby Bishop, longtime elder at Graymere Church in Columbia, Tennessee was a man whose gentleness and kindness were easy to admire. Standing more than 6-feet, 4-inches, Bro. Bishop was strong, but his Christlike gentleness was what showed, not his imposing height. His stature was his meekness. We should all try to find that character inside us and help it grow.

    1. RNDL

      To know people such as him is a blessing. I remember Bob Childress, an elder in Abilene, TX, with such fondness.


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