Baptism last Saturday

  1. Baptism last Saturday, Pedro’s aunt whom he taught and immersed. Happy day, time of rejoicing. Paulo opened his house for use of his pool.

  2. We’ve had a slight warming in this cold spell. Lately, has been around 10º-12ºC at night. More bearable than 4º some days ago.

  3. In the cold people drink less water and urinate more. Bad combination. Doctor says during the cold there are more heart attacks and bad things happen. Drink more water.

  4. Went out and bought a nice chair for visitors to the office. I was grabbing a hard wooden chair from the kitchen.

  5. A recent piece of wisdom to the good wife who, upon bringing me hot tea and a second napkin, observed that I already had one: It’s hard to have too many napkins.

  6. An original verse: Some feel offended when we speak of salvation. / At Judgment, none will think it exaggeration.

  7. A Bible verse: “In this way what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah was fulfilled: ‘He took our weaknesses and carried our diseases.’” Matthew 8.17 NET.

  • I love these 7 points, you can get a lot of information in not a lot of space that way! My son-in-law thinks it’s funny that I save napkins…but when somebody needs one I can always pull on out of my purse! Have your visitors enjoyed your new chair?

    • Thanks, yup, I like short and sweet. Always good to have a napkin handy. Paulo was the first to use it last Saturday. He liked it — much better than the hard wooden chair. Some others should be along soon to try it out.

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