When he’s bad, he’s awful

Like several other writers I can think of, Wm. Barclay is great in so many ways, but when he is bad, he’s awful. His treatment of 1 Jn 4.1ff is murky and much off base. I’m reading him devotionally these days and was in no way edified this morning. Glad to have just the text of heaven by which to be strengthened.

5 Replies to “When he’s bad, he’s awful”

  1. Thank You and Amen!! Adhering to the doctrine of men is a slippery slope (or a wide gate).

    1. Hi, Kris, thanks for your comment. True, going the way of man is a downward slide in the fun waterpark of pleasures. Barclay often has many insights, but he’s sometimes weak on letting his experience interfere with understanding the text.

  2. Absolutely right. He did have a way with Greek words and had a treasure trove of illustrations, but he was much too taken with wrong teaching.

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