Back home, today

  1. We’re back home. Only two weeks and a couple days away, but it seemed like more, what with so much packed into that period of time.

  2. DD’s college graduation was very fine. We’re proud of her. Her last semester was 4.0. Graduated magna cum laude.

  3. DD has a house and, up to now, a part-time job. Waiting for full-time employment to appear.

  4. We met DD’s boyfriend Ethan. Good guy, his parents, too. Praying for their relationship.

  5. Nashville-Miami flight with AA was delayed, missing the international leg. They sent us home through Dallas. We sat 12 hours in the DFW airport. No meal voucher, hotel to rest, upgrade, nope. We survived.

  6. An original verse: God redeems both man and hour, / And turns to sweet what we find sour.

  7. A Bible verse: “Now may the God of peace be with all of you. Amen” Rom 15.33.



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