1. In 2012, according to the record, I started a file called “autobiography.” Maybe by 2112 it’ll be finished. I added to it yesterday. (Yeah!)

  2. Without knowing about this file, a few weeks or months ago, a kind brother said reading an autobiography of mine would be interesting. I’m having my doubts.

  3. We’re getting our Sunday meeting out there as an option for people.

  4. Just when I’m about ready to cut the RSS feed for Napoleon Hill’s thought for the day, this gem appears: “Never tear down anything unless you are prepared to build something better in its place.”

  5. Quote: “I should have nipped the idea of learning Korean in the bud because I didn’t know the dedication and hard work required to reach native-like fluency.” Not like you can flip through some vocabulary cards and be a native in three weeks.

  6. An original verse: My troubled life, it’s God who fully knows; / It changed for good when Jesus Christ arose.

  7. A Bible verse: “All the nations are insignificant before him; they are regarded as absolutely nothing. Isaiah 40.17 NET.


    What say you?