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A lifetime to learn

“Job came to the same conclusion that all of God’s mature followers learn: God is great, and we are weak. Sometimes this lesson takes a lifetime to learn. Only then can God’s followers be used and blessed by Him in ways they never dreamed.”

—Sherry Kughn, Heart Tree for Empty Nesters, 138

Ironic history

“For Miller, history was fundamentally ironic. Victory and achievement produce disappointment and disaster; progress results from causes other than one’s own intentions; and no advance is finally secure since all growth contains within it the seeds of a new and possibly more catastrophic decline. As the historian Henry May once summarized, “His works on Puritanism all illustrate the slogan that nothing fails like success.”

Abram Van Engen

In detail

Not many congregations exist today where Paul the missionary could do this kind of a report:

When Paul had greeted them, he began to explain in detail what God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry, Acts 21.19.

Granted, maybe a missionary or two could use some coaching on how to explain what God does through his service. Anybody to give Y.T. some advice?