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    “… as their social and political condition would give them every day a sense of wants, which their education would never teach them to supply, they would perturb [unsettle] the State… instead of enriching it by their productive industry.”

    Source: “A very dangerous race of citizens.”

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    Sad drone view of Calif. fire.


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    Our time changed this morning. We didn’t know it, so good thing we didn’t have a commitment early today. Heard the Brazil gov almost did away with DST. Almost. Worst idea B. Franklin ever had, to tinker with the hours.

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    Christians know that society needs the gospel to resolve its problems. But how many Christians are proclaiming it and teaching others what to do to be saved? THAT is the greatest problem of all. Paying preachers and sitting in church buildings does not get the job done. The Lord well may lay at the church’s doorstep much of the violence and sin overtaking society today, because we have failed to do our job. Pay preachers? Yes. But let each one do his job of reaching his neighbors for the Lord Christ.

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    “… it starts with us to whom He has revealed His plan and purpose to–you and me. Right here. Right now. A rebirth of mercy one toward another. Mercy from on high trickling down through us–mercy that is born from the knowledge that every single one of us walking around today–right there in our town, in our neighborhood, in our city, and, yes, even on our facebook list of friends–everyone is damaged goods–injured spiritually in some way, vulnerable, though few would admit it. And we all have the same need, which is God’s love–a love from above that will only distil like dew upon this earth through the mercy and compassion we show toward each other.”


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    “Experiences result in greater mindfulness. In 2010, Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert published an important study in Science magazine. Their research concluded that ‘a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.’ And the greater a person’s ability to ‘stay present’ in a given moment, the greater happiness they experience during and after. Experiences provide greater opportunity in this regard.” —Josh Becker

    Why Experiences Are Better Than Things

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    Six of the nine times the word church appears in Ephesians—the theme of the letter—they occur in the passage discussing the marriage relationship, chapter 5. So what does this mean?

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    Wife knew man who shot and killed himself in Iuka MS hospital on Sat., where her mother was in the hospital at the time. He had worked with her mother when wife was young girl. (But there was no recent connection between them.) Wife was deeply saddened by the news.

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    So tired of the “I’m not perfect” blather by religious people. They’ve no idea what perfect means in biblical language. They’re using it in false humility. Or to justify lack of obedience.

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    “I realized that I was making the same poor decisions over and over again from a place within me where I was hurt. I had to go to God for my healing. Finally, I realized my worth, which empowers me to make better decisions.”

    Wise statement by a young woman.

    Pregnant Six Months After My Son Was Born, I Could Have Aborted But Did This Instead

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