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This Globe of Water and Earth

This Globe of water and earth continues to turn,
While humans rush to fill their needs; they yearn
For more than what they own, than what they see.
They clamor for a King, whose kind decree
Will free them when he bids the planet burn,
To give them fruit from heaven’s living tree.
But oh! what weight! — His Name they’ve yet to learn.

In the End

The eloquent pain of righteous, suffering Job,
Wrapped around him as a regal robe;
He, full of questions for a silent Sovereign,
Berated his talkative friends who saw him as fallen.

The Lord has reasons we know nothing of,
But we may be assured that we’re beloved;
To Job only in the end was it revealed
That God was perfect Savior and buffering Shield.


From fear the grocery shelves are emptied,
The ghost of death has left us frenzied;
If health and life are highest value,
What else but panic can people do?