Article lost but found

  1. It was lost but now is found: Stan Mitchell’s article on wrath for our Brazilian dictionary of biblical vocabulary. All the more precious now he’s gone.

  2. One day a denominational devotional is really good; the next day, really bad, as it waffles, subjectivizes, calvinizes, theologizes. On such days it causes no little consternation.

  3. One book getting printed, third release for this year; getting estimate for the first which was released digitally for free.

  4. Google won’t let me upload video. Still can’t after almost a week. Maybe I should take it as a divine sign?

  5. One of the greatest and saddest consequences of sin is the time lost that can never be regained.

  6. An original verse: Of all transgressors I know that I’m the worst, / To receive the grace of God I’d be the first.

  7. A Bible verse: “A quick-tempered person stirs up dissension, but one who is slow to anger calms a quarrel” Proverbs 15.18 NET.


    What say you?