Always troubling developments

In his devotional for Jan. 2, Ed Mathews reminds us of how things work in God’s kingdom:

An uncommon control. Delays, setbacks, and detours are routine in the affairs of the kingdom. Yet His cause will succeed, His Church will endure, Matthew 16:18. God knows our struggles. He cares for our situation. His plan will not fail, Joshua 21:45; 23:14; Nehemiah 9:7,8. There will always be troubling developments. Our faith will be tested. Our souls will be tried. But God is “faithful,” I Corinthians 1:9. He did not leave His Son in the grave. Neither will He abandon His people, Psalms 16:7-11.

Let’s ask God to help us be faithful in the midst of testing and troubles.

Focus question: What false hopes or unrealistic expectations cause me to be discouraged? What biblical truths will carry us through these?

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2 thoughts on “Always troubling developments

  1. Brother Ed wrote, “He will bring it (his will) to pass when He chooses, how He chooses, and through whom He chooses.” For me, I would rather be the instrument of his will as one working in his kingdom. I want to be one of those who hear, “‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world,” (Matthew 25:34 NET). The alternative is not something I want to have happen: “Depart from me…” is not something I want to hear.

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