A touching scene

  1. Pedro baptized his mother this morning in a touching scene. And in chilling water.

  2. Thomas Olbricht passed away last Friday. I took his courses on OT and NT religious teachings, today called “theology.” They were good.

  3. Today I finished Stan Mitchell’s book, The wise get wiser, the foolish more foolish (Choate 2002). A fine work (like everything Stan did), just the right length for groups and classes.

  4. Picked up doing more prayers online lately, 12 so far this month.

  5. A new book going to the printer this week, on the tragic story of the young prophet of Bethel. In Portuguese.

  6. An original verse: O Jesus, also pray for me / That I might serve you faithfully, / That faith on trial might never fail; / O Savior, in my heart prevail!

  7. A Bible verse: “… I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail” Luke 22.32.


    What say you?