A patient driver

  1. Took neighbor, trainer, and brother in Christ to the emergency room last night for his flu. Took more than two hours. Bed at 1 a.m.

  2. Ten minutes to be waited on this morning to have coffee and bread. Finally walked out.

  3. I accepted a speaking invitation for Pimentas men’s group. Date: May 18, soon after I return from my trip. Subject: Evangelism.

  4. Thinking of that event, I’m discussing a point with some people about the gospel including the church. My go-to verse: Titus 2.14.

  5. If the death of Christ is included in the gospel, then so must the purpose of his death. A part of that purpose: to purify a people. Read church.

  6. An original verse:— What use am I to God? ‘Twas us he chose / To announce that Jesus suffered, died, and arose.

  7. A Bible verse: “Remember the law of my servant Moses, to whom at Horeb I gave rules and regulations for all Israel to obey” Ml 4.4.


    What say you?