7P: Until

  • The Known software is still working after getting through the night. Maybe I did get it installed properly.
  • Was a busy weekend and first day, even with the Missus traveling. Or maybe because of her traveling.
  • Item one was a meet about the magazine, Sat. afternoon. Good one.
  • Item two was a special fish dinner at Douglas and Ludmila’s Sat. night, with Jonathan and Suellen present. Also very good.
  • Item three was meeting Pedro at the Esplanada congregation Sun. morning, because some schedule issues would keep them from coming to Urbanova at night. Always good to be with brethren.
  • Item four was our weekly meeting Sun. night at Urbanova. I was pleased with my message, “Christ Offers You Power,” based on 2 Pet 1.1-11.
  • Seventh: Man counts the days since, saints count the days until.

    What say you?