7P: travels

  1. Enjoyed time with the Pinson TN congregation, singing night tonight, snacks afterwards. DD attending there with boyfriend. They’ve been gracious to her.
  2. Also enjoyed lunch with Ron and Brenda Estes, he an elder with the West End congregation in St Charles MO, a supporter. We go there the 23rd.
  3. They’re having an area-wide lectureship Sep 20-22, so we plan to go for that as well, as participants, not speakers.
  4. First week here has been spent with family, so shortly things will pick up and we’ll be traveling more.
  5. Going to NLR Sep 16 to be with Somers Ave congregation for time with them.
  6. A verse, couplet: ‘Tis sugar that kills, and not the fat of pig, / But we prefer the sweets, and growing big.
  7. A verse, biblical: “… our Lord’s grace was abundant, bringing faith and love in Christ Jesus” 1 Timothy 1.14.

    What say you?