7P: Just not complicated

1. It’s just not complicated. Not like we can’t understand it. More like we don’t want it God’s way.

2. Some people need a spiritual Heimlich Maneuver.

3. Water is a blessed thing, until there’s too much of it.

4. Another support loss coming up in 2018. (An individual will no longer be able to help.) Will it be the first of several?

5. It may be a clichĂ©, but the request to “guide, guard, and direct” is not a bad one at all.

6. A quatrain:

On God we wait and fully rely,
Our sufferings give us sharpest pain,
To him we raise our voice and cry,
We seek his will to make it plain.

7. A verse: “The godly face many dangers, but the Lord saves them from each one of them” Psalm 34.19.


    What say you?