7P: Busy weekend ahead

#1. Demanding workout in CrossFit today, but I survived. Just feel those bulging muscles.

#2. Sat. class for young people in São Paulo is arriving fast, did more on my notes today. Topic: How to live wisely.

#3. DD arrives Sat. morning to spend holidays with us. Looking forward to her coming. She says she’s going with us to youth class. We’ll see.

#4. Experimented with a new devotional/meditation format using TiddlyWiki. If I can get the technical part down …

#5. Sunday comes holiday cookout with Urbanova folk. Not at our place. Relief!

#6. Original verse:

The burger place’s name contains profanity,
A joint for beer, disdain for good society.

#7. A Bible verse: “Faithfulness grows from the ground, and deliverance looks down from the sky” Psa 85.11.


    What say you?