Getting a load off your chest, as some are wont to say, is no guarantee of feeling better afterwards. The expression of emotion might well increase what a person feels. Emotional outbursts can be addictive and lead to more. Not the action but the thought behind it determines its after-effect.

What a relief to know that God rules over all! In his devotional, Ed M. reminds us today of that truth from Obadiah.

Despite the doom and gloom of Obadiah, his final words glow with hope—“the kingdom will be the Lord’s,” Obadiah 21. His purposes will be realized, His plan accomplished. In the end, there will be one King, one Lord over all, Zechariah 14:9. Daniel saw it coming, Daniel 2:44. We see it happening, Colossians 2:9,10.

The kingdom of God is a major theme of Scripture. Some say it is the main theme. God is sovereign and moves all of history and humanity toward his designed goal. Let us cooperate with his plan, rather than resist it.

Focus question: How can I submit more and more to the rule of God in my life?

O Soul, be saved in Christ by the grace of the God who desires your presence among his people. Understand what God has done in Christ to redeem you. Know what you must do to free yourself from sin. Enter the way of Christ by the word of God and stay in this way forever. The Holy Spirit will wash you clean and keep you free from falling. Rejoice in this truth, together with all the saints who stand with you. Find this hope and surrender it not.