Cloudburst: You Can Lose a Game and Still Be Proud

The background behind the three-stanza poem going to the email list today is, of course, the drubbing that the Brazil soccer team suffered on Tuesday at the hands of Germany in the World-Cup semi-finals.

Costa Rica lost a few days earlier, too, but I'm sure they went home with heads held high. Our team couldn't do that.

The poem is a simple one, an AABB rhyme scheme with four-foot meter. Doesn't get much simpler than that, nor does the truth it contains.

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Cloudburst: Virtual relations

The big ones get mentioned in this seven-line poem: blogs, Pinterest, Kindle/Nook, Twitter, and Facebook. The ABABCBC rhyme scheme holds it together.

Scrolling down goes late at night,

So says the third line, four meters like the rest. We are too busy online, are we not? That's the point of this poem. I should know.

I was able to get this poem out tonight, thanks to my new writing plan.

The background to this Cloudburst poem got placed here rather than on the website because Tumblr has a lousy interface and Cloudburst is going to move away from there before long.

UPLift: In whom can we trust?

Human beings disappoint, so we become wary and find it hard to trust. Politicians aren't the only ones who fail to carry through with promises. Friends, colleagues, and family members also let us down.

For the latter groups, we need large doses of forgiveness and, sometimes, confrontation about their perfidy, in order to give them opportunity to change.

Looking inward, we discover we ourselves have also made promises that we couldn't keep or that we decided to disregard.

So the following truth about God and his word provides us hope.

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