Guide, guard, protect

This Catholic devotional site uses the same three verbs here that some of our people use in prayer:

These words from the Prophet Isaiah speak of the care God has for his people, watching over them at every moment, to guard them, guide them, protect them.

Maybe it’s a coincidence. If not, where’s the source for this usage? That would be fascinating to know.


  1. Connections are a tenuous thing, much like life itself. One minute you have it, the next minute it has slipped through your fingers.

  2. Trying to pick up BNC again, our best-read website. And the hardest one to maintain.

  3. Decisão (Decision) book released today on blog. May it move people to act.

  4. The Propósitos (Purposes) book is waiting on me to give the go-ahead to the printer. It seems expensive, but probably isn’t.

  5. Breakfast with one brother, lunch with another. So I really needed my workout tonight.

  6. An original verse: The highest mountains heaved, the valleys buckled, / The Lord descended, and human kingdoms crumbled.

  7. A Bible verse: “But now, O Lord, upon what am I relying? You are my only hope!” Psalm 39.7.

Where do church buildings fit in?

Jerry Hill, on his perspective on church buildings and what they did in Guatemala:

Where do church buildings fit in? They are not mentioned in the New Testament. With “all creation” as the goal, God’s army moved swiftly over the earth, leaving behind Christ’s church meeting in homes. Financial resources went to preaching and to helping circumstance-stricken people. World evangelism was accomplished. Since then, our systems have not duplicated that all-important feat. Respectfully speaking, church buildings and the struggle to get the gospel to every human are comparable to a pentagonal, permanent structure in Washington and the invasion of Normandy. I think a better question would be, How fast do you want to move? In our preaching in Guatemala, we opted to leave the decision of a meeting place up to the troops.

From his book on the first years of their work in Guatemala, unavailable on the internet or in print form, as far as we could discover.