Hurt feelings

"Let’s approach people with love and service, but let’s not be afraid to hurt their feelings if it means getting across the powerful message of God’s grace." (link)

Very needed this point. Especially where we live. Spiritual commitment to Christ has to outweigh fear of reprisal from man. Fear of rejection often keeps one from speaking up. That qualifies as denying the Lord who bought us.

Good news and bad news

Car motor died on us last night returning home from Taubaté, while we were on the Dutra interstate highway, in front of GM. I managed to get us off the highway, and in spite of more sputters and stops and power loss, managed to drive through town and get us home.

First stop this morning, mechanic. His e-diagnosis: butterfly thingy that controls or signals fuel volume. Usually, it quits outright. We were given the blessing of being able to get the car home last night and get it as far as the shop this morning. Mechanic says it's easy to change and can probably have it back to us by noon.

Bad news, it's an expensive part. R$1200 or about US$543 at today's rate. Plus labor.

Rains, pours

First it was the Heartbleed bug. Now WP Jetpack announces a major critical security update for a bad bug. After the Mozilla action, seems like the Internet is having a hard time of it.

Fantastic place for your content

Enthusiasm continues strong for the newly named forum used for our Christian Forum. Impressive work. Now that we have a fantastic software to run the forum, we need your good content. It's easy to get on and post.

A good American brother sent me something by US priority mail postmarked Dec. 4 of last year. My post office branch stamped it received Mar. 10. It seems that the more special and tracked and insured it is, the longer it takes. Go figure. But thanks, J. Malone.

Taking some time off today. Doing what I want, pretty much. Or what The Missus wants. Right now, I think she wants me to take a nap.

Sense of duty

A sense of duty combines awareness of responsibility with expectation of pleasure from a job well done. This virtue has been placed on the endangered species list, even among people who call themselves Christians. Today's Christendom places self in the center, as itching ears set up those who will serve its carnal desires. The will of God is now what man wants, because of course God wants me to be happy. No thought more warped than this exists.

Health and chocolate mousse

Picking up the dictionary of biblical vocabulary again. Many an obstacle has kept it from getting finished, both technical, logistical, and personal. It will have had a long history before getting to the printer. I have it open in the processor, tweaked an entry. A good restart.

Another Corollaries segment today, about billfolds and embarrassments, along with a bad photo of YoursTruly. Corollaries is a column I write on The Fellowship Room, designed to be weekly, between 700-800 words, fit for the finest publications in the land. If ever a newspaper or syndication service picks it up, I'll certainly be more diligent in the regularity.

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